About Us


Hi there! We are Aleem and Natasha Kanji, creators and founders of WizUp—the first-of-its-kind app that turns screen time into learning time.

As parents of two young boys Noah (6) and Aden (3), we are no strangers to screen time. And like many parents out there, devices are usually our “go-to” to help our boys calm down, occupy them at dinner, or keep them quiet during a meeting. While screen time always does the trick, we constantly felt guilty knowing the boys were watching videos that weren’t engaging or educational. We also felt apprehensive wondering if our parental settings were really protecting them from all of the inappropriate content out there. We couldn’t find an app on the market that kept our boys safe and occupied, while also helping them learn critical skills to boost their confidence and support classroom curriculum.

And that’s how WizUp was born.

Our app provides a fun, safe, and educational approach to screen time, while keeping kids engaged and entertained in the process. WizUp allows parents and educators to have full control over a child’s learning and eliminates the stress that comes with constantly monitoring screen time. While using WizUp, age-specific, customizable questions pop-up on screen as the child watches their favorite videos. This all-new approach allows a child to be tested organically across all elementary grade levels on subjects like spelling, multiplication, and grammar. On the backend, parents and teachers can control and monitor screen time, oversee the type and frequency of questions, and create personalized rewards and incentives. Most importantly, WizUp offers a way to see how a child is progressing with their classroom learning and development.

These days, we all recognize that screen time is inevitable. With WizUp, you will feel confident knowing your child is learning in a way that’s also entertaining. Not only do kids love it, us parents can finally feel good, not guilty, about screen time. It’s a win-win for everyone!

We hope you’ll download WizUp today, now available the App Store or Google Play for a free 30-day trial!